The Photographer As A Child Rob Lewine/


QUESTION: Who owns the images?
ANSWER: I do. But you have perpetual, unlimited use of all select images, with one exception.

QUESTION: What’s the exception?
ANSWER: Your images may be used for any and all self-promotional purposes, including non-equity theater and non-commercial online performances, and other non-commercial productions. Your pictures can’t be used by a third party (e.g., an ad agency, film studio, TV network or music company) to promote or advertise a commercial enterprise that features or includes you. (These entities typically pay for use rights.) In such cases, which are rare, I’ll need to grant the third party a license for usage.

QUESTION: What if a newspaper, magazine or website wants to run a picture you took of me?
ANSWER:They can do that, if you or your representative have provided the picture. Please ask that my credit line be included: “© Rob Lewine 20 - -”.

QUESTION: Will the session be an enjoyable experience?

ANSWER: Absolutely!