Who I am

I’ve had a long career shooting for national magazines, design firms, ad agencies, corporate clients and the entertainment industry. I’ve photographed a lot of famous people, including dozens of Emmy, Tony and Academy Award winners.
Bon Appetit, California Magazine, Emmy, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Forbes, Fortune, Geo, Home, Inc., Interview, Life, London Sunday Times, Longevity, Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Money, National Geographic World, Newsweek, New West, Omni, Outside, Parade, People, Psychology Today, Rolling Stone, Shape, Time, Town & Country, Travel & Leisure, Smithsonian, Us Weekly, Vanity Fair, Washington Post…and others.
Entertainment Industry
Columbia Pictures, Fox, Disney, Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, ABC, CBS, NBC, Capitol Records, CBS Records/Sony Music.
I’m not a typical headshot photographer. My headshot sessions run three hours, making use of variety of setups. I allow time for the best of what’s in you to come forward. I’m no less committed to serving actors and other artists in the early stages of their careers than I am to working with established talent.

Assignment Archive

50 portraits
12 improvisers